Indoor Plants For Health Benefits – What You Get Out Of Them?

aloe-Low-Maintenance-Indoor-PlantsHave you ever thought of having plants at home or at your office? Well, guess what? It is way more than changing the look of the space. You get more out of it. Plus, it is all natural and you do not need to even pay for it. Simply take care of your plants every day or use a plant maintenance company like deedman and you are good to go. You might want to add an orchid or any indoor plant to your space soon. With this, let us take a closer look at plants for health benefits.

The following are the health benefits you are going to get with indoor plants:

  1. Help in breathing.

Way back when we were in grade school, we know for a fact that plants release oxygen which humans need. Humans release carbon dioxide, which the plants need. This is why plants and humans are good partners when it comes to gasses (oxygen and carbon dioxide).

Humans do need oxygen for breathing. Thus, having indoor plants can help big time when it comes to breathing.

  1. Prevent the occurrence of some diseases.

It has been noted that having indoor plants inside a home, office, or any interior space lessens the occurrence of having dry cough, sore throat, cold and even dry skin. These common diseases might not give a huge impact on your overall body’s functionality. However, they can affect your daily activity. Putting plants in your environment does more good to your body that is for sure.

  1. Encourage healing.

Have you even wonder what is the effect of bringing plants to a hospital patient? It may look like an ordinary gesture from a friend or a family member. But it has been noted through a study that when a patient is viewing plants when in the period of recovery, it would yield physiologic responses. The body will have low ratings of fatigue, anxiety, pain, among others.

There is another technique to use in order to speed up the recovery of a patient. The patient would be tasked to take care of certain plants. It has been noted that those patients who do this have significantly lessened the recovery time right after undergoing a medical procedure.

  1. Make you work better.

Do you know that when you are studying or working where there are plants around you, productivity increases? Yes, it increases your memory and concentration as well as productivity. Getting higher quality and an increased accuracy rate are apparent when you are working where there are plants within the environment.

With this being said, it is but safe to say that having plants inside your home or an office can led to more benefit that you could even imagine. Whether it be for your health, work productivity, or for decorative purposes, plants do give you more value. All you have to do is to water the plants, take care of them, and plants will take care of you in different ways. Yes, this is what plants for health benefits are all about.

Choosing a Home Care Agency That Will Provide the Best Health Benefits

Measuring heartbeat on wrist When it comes to arranging care for a senior, naturally you want the best available option, in terms of health benefits. Home care provides health benefits in the form of reduced stress compared to care homes. Reduced stress levels means their immune system functioning will not drop, and they will not be at higher risk of cardiovascular disease. But how should you choose the correct home care agency?

  • Make a list with the senior who will be having the home care, of what they would like their home care to provide. Think about visiting times, how many times you want them to visit each week, what tasks you would like them to help with. Do not forget to think about budget: how many hours a day can you afford to have the carer for.
  • Research home care agencies in your local area, such as home care London. Look for details on their last inspection and the results of this. Naturally, the better the results, the higher quality the care they offer, therefore the greater the health benefits. Also, look at what types of illness they have experience in dealing with. For example, some agencies have in-depth experience in dealing with dementia or Alzheimer’s. If an agency is experienced in dealing with a certain type of illness, the benefits are likely to be greater. Make a list of agencies that suit the senior’s needs.
  • Contact the agencies. Ask if you can meet the staff, and ask them plenty of questions! They will be more than happy to help you and the senior in question find the right care option.
  • Investigate the company! Look for key details about investigation reports, look for care types the agency offer, ask for a copy of their contract, ask for a copy of their price list and so on. Note all of these details and compare them between agencies, in order to identify the agency which you believe will suit the senior best.

So take a good look around at all the different agencies around, and weigh up all of your options before making your final choice. Ensure that you are not rushed into making any choices, as this choice will have a long lasting effect. Never fear, if you feel like you have made the wrong choice, you can always change home care agency at a later date, although this may provide unwanted hassle.

Safety Tips to Avoid Cycling Injuries

Florida+Bike+AccidentCycling insurance such as that provided by Pedal Sure, protects cyclists and their bikes. However, there are further steps that cyclists can take to protect themselves further.

Know Your Limits

Know your own skills when cycling. This can include, but is not limited to your speed threshold, distance threshold, and how far you can push yourself. Although pushing yourself is recommended when cycling to stretch your skills, it is not safe to push yourself further than you can cope, as this can result in injuries.

Locking Devices

Although a lock for your bicycle will not guarantee that your bike does not get stolen, it will reduce the chances of it being stolen. Thieves are more likely to steal an unlocked bicycle, as this is simply easier than stealing a locked bike. Stealing a locked bike often means that the lock must be cut through, or if this is not possible, the bike may have to be damaged in order to free it. This will reduce the value of the bike and often draws unwanted attention. Thus, purchasing a secure locking device to lock your bike to a stationary object is highly recommended.

Join a Bicycle Association

Bicycle associations can be an ideal way to keep oneself safe. Bicycle associations or federations often work to promote bicycle safety, and campaign for better conditions. Therefore, you are likely to learn tips about staying safe when cycling from one of these groups.

Maintain Your Bicycle

A thoroughly used and worn bicycle is likely to cause injuries and damage to the cyclist, as worn chains or tires are not safe. Worn chains are likely to break and worn tires are likely to deflate, making cycling conditions poor. You can maintain the bicycle yourself if you have the correct knowledge, or simply take it to a maintenance shop.

Living Normal With Dementia Clocks

Every day, life has its own challenges and problems. One can only hope to either cope up with the challenges by facing it head on or run away from it. Everyone has their own challenges to overcome, some might have minor issues while others have life changing problems to deal with. Nonetheless, it is critical to live a normal life in order to function properly in the society. Though most people can live within the society and interact with other individuals properly, there are some people who are having issues just to live a normal life.

One of these people who struggle to have a normal life are patients suffering from dementia. Dementia is a medical condition of the brain where it is difficult for individuals to think properly or retain memories of different experiences. These individuals are having a hard time to live a normal life and act as expected in the society. Among the medical conditions which fall under dementia are Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s dementia. Many of these conditions hamper the capacity of the brain to store and retain information as well as think properly.

A person who is suffering from dementia has to face many challenges every day. One major challenge is the ability to think. Due to their condition, people with dementia often find it hard to focus and think even ordinary things and topics. They also confuse their current location with some other places. Other people with dementia have poor coordination skills which sometimes cause them to fall more frequently even while walking compared to normal people. And lastly, they find it hard to keep track of time, day and date. Some do not even know whether it is day or night. Others will find it difficult to remember what day it is or the month and year.ClockDrawing

In order to counter these issues, Dementia Clocks are used by people with dementia to remind them on the current time or day. There are many different types of dementia clocks. Among them are analog day clocks, digital day clocks, day & night clocks and magnified clocks. There are even advanced clocks which are available online as apps. One of these clock apps is personalized clock which allows the user to design their own clock. They can even combine both analog and digital as well as include graphics and pictures with big fonts for letter and numbers to keep them reminded on the time, day, month and year.

Just by helping people with dementia to keep track on time and date, these people can eat, work or sleep on normal hours. In other words, people with dementia can live a normal life with the used of dementia clocks.

Ways To Relax And Rejuvenate At The Comfort Of Your Own Home

relax-blocksHave A Pamper Party

Sure you can go to spa or salon when you feel like it. But why not amp your salon time by bringing the pampering into your house instead of going to it? And then invite your friends over to do some catching up! Making your monotonous day into a fun pamper party! Visit and you won’t regret it.

Ditch Your  Busy Schedule Once In A While

Yes, plans and schedules make our lives more organised and less chaotic. However, being slaved to your to-do lists is just plain boring. You gotta embrace spontaneity once in a while! Have a day where you just do whatever your mood dictates you. Let yourself be surprised by how your day could turn out.

Act Like The Child You Once Were

Remember how good it feels to be a kid? Everything seem so simple and easy, and the only problems you face are the sweets your mum won’t get you or that toy you really want but is not yours to play with. Why not try to think about what you were like as a kid and the things you loved doing then act  on them and really enjoy it. And you’ll see why everyone keeps saying how much they wish they could be a kid again.

Reconnect With The Nature

Because of technology, people’s idea of downtime has become online games, social media and cat videos. How about going totally offline once in a while? No gadgets and internet, just you and nature. Your back garden will do the trick, just sit there feel the breeze on your face, smell the freshly cut grass or flowers that you grow, listen to your surroundings. Believe me it will wake up your senses and calm the constantly whirring frontal lobes of your brain.

Have The Right Mindset

Sometimes the problem why people are constantly stressed out is because they feel guilty when taking a break. Yes you have appointments to attend to and obligations to fulfill, but allotting some time to recharge your energy is not being lazy and definitely not a crime. You deserve some time off for yourself; you’ll only be able to accomplish all your responsibilities if your body, mind, and soul are well rested.




Advantages Of Laser Hair Removal

product-laserHair is not just an accessory of the body. It also helps in regulating the body temperature. Even during the ice age, early humans have relied on body hair to help insulate them from extreme cold temperature. However, aside from regulating the body, hair is also vital in grooming and appearance. There are people who find the lack or excess of body hair undesirable. Especially for women, too much hair may cause some insecurities. The hair industry has come up with several products and techniques in order to remove unwanted hair. Some of them are waxing, shaving, cutting and the latest is laser hair removal. Hair removal is a technique where the hair follicle is exposed and destroyed using pulses of laser light. Here are some advantages which make people choose laser hair removal for their unwanted hair problems.

  1. Different Area – People have different parts where unwanted hair grows. Laser hair removal can be used to remove unwanted hairs from almost any part of the body. Whether it is facial hair, backs, arms or legs, laser hair removal is applicable.
  2. Effective – The effects of laser hair removal can last for a long time. There are even cases where people who undergo around 4 – 6 sessions and have their unwanted hairs permanently removed. This makes the initial cost for the treatment cheaper when compared to using treatments which need to be frequent and throughout a lifetime.
  3. Less Painful – Compared to other modern hair removal techniques such as electrolysis, laser hair removal is less painful which makes other people choose this treatment over other procedures. Other treatments require high pain tolerance while laser hair removal can be used by all individuals.
  4. Safe – Nobody wants to risk their body just to remove unwanted hair. As long as the procedure is done properly, laser hair removal is 100% safe.
  5. Speed – Laser hair removal uses a laser equipment with high precision. Unlike other procedures which require some time for preparation, this treatment can be done right away and the whole operation will take less time compared to other treatments.
  6. Surface Area – Plucking hairs by hand can be a challenging endeavor especially for wide areas in the body. Laser hair removal can cover and remove hairs from large areas like back and legs easily making it a top choice for people with many unwanted hairs.

Worry no more about having to remove your unwanted hair regularly. With just a couple of sessions, your unwanted hair will not grow as much as it normally does and could even be permanently removed. Just look for any established and licensed dermatologist to have a laser hair removal like the Wellness Clinic.

Hot Drinks and What They Can Do For You

We all love a hot drink; in fact some of us are avid tea and coffee drinkers to the point that it has become an addiction. The word addiction often has negative connotations but the truth is that hot drinks can actually be really good for you. Here are a few hot drinks that you might wanna try.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is a great thing if you suffer from a low immune system. Chamomile is almost a flower tea and is great if you have trouble sleeping due it’s mild sedative. Similarly the sedative helps if you you’re anxious and has a great calming effect.


Green and black teas

Much like chamomile tea they have great calming effects. Furthermore it’s anti-inflammatory antioxidants are great for preventing and managing conditions like arthritis and memory problems as well as contributing to healthier skin. Black-tea-and-green-tea-2


This first point is a no brainer and is something we probably have all recognised. Coffee can help improve energy levels, which is great for brain function. Furthermore the caffeine in coffee means it’s a great way to burn fat, caffeine is found in almost every dieting pill. The antioxidants found in coffee are also a great contribution to your health.



Espresso is basically a more concentrated form of coffee. However several health studies have found that espresso has many benefits. One studied found out that the more coffee they drank meant there was a lesser risk of heart disease. Similarly it has been found that men that drank 4-5 cups of coffee a day had a reduced risk of being effected by heart disease.


Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea is thought to aid in digestion and is great for people that struggle with stomach problems.peppermint-teaIf you’re looking to try these out or simply you’re just a hot drink lover then visit and relax in their barrista’s very capable hands.

What can a Chiropractor Treat?

The founder of chiropractic was a man called DD Palmer. His son BJ Palmer (BJ) was born in Iowa in 1882 and from 1904 until his death in 1961 BJ was head of the original chiropractic college his father founded. Now BJ’s idea was very simple. He said that “chiropractors do not concern themselves with disease”.

His idea was that it was for medical doctors to make a diagnosis and base a medical treatment on that diagnosis. He saw chiropractors as properly focusing on the alignment of the patient only. So BJ’s answer to “what problems can chiropractors treat” wouldn’t be a list of problems like low back pain. His answer would be chiropractic properly treats a person’s misalignment. So, one imagines, BJ wouldn’t particularly be interested if a patient had for example, back pain or even any pain at all.

BJ would just want to work on any misalignment he found in the patient. And if the patient’s pain was due to misalignment (and the treatment was effective) one would hope the patient would get better but if misalignment wasn’t involved, one would expect the treatment not to be effective. Whilst BJ’s approach had the merit of simplicity, most would agree with Hamlet that “there are more things in heaven and earth….than are dreamt of in your philosophy”!

These simple days are long behind us. Indeed they were long behind us even in BJ’s lifetime. In England and Wales, the General Chiropractic Council which regulates the chiropractic profession nowadays rightly expects chiropractors to either make a diagnosis or form a “clinical impression” about what’s happening with a patient.

Also, chiropractors themselves have moved on from the simple view of just considering skeletal alignment. For example, some chiropractors now adjust from a more biomechanical perspective – for example, by adjusting with the intention of “unlocking” a particular blocked joint and assisting its range of movement.

So, chiropractors are in a long process of evolving from being mono-focussed alignment specialists to musculoskeletal specialists with a particular focus on alignment. Alignment can be considered at the whole body level with the patient typically standing or it can be examined at a more local level by physical palpation of adjacent bones.

But nowadays the assessment of alignment would only be a starting point. Chiropractors can work in quite different ways but it would be usual (depending on the person’s problem) for the chiropractor to carry out some of the standard orthopaedic or neurological tests. For example, disc patients sometimes may loose a reflex. So, a chiropractor may for example wish to use a neurological hammer to lightly tap the patient to see if, for example, the knee jerk reflex or ankle jerk reflex is still present.

Depending on the results of such tests, the chiropractor might like to see how well the patient moves. Looking at how they walk. Can they stand on their toes? Can they stand on their heels? Can they squat down or rise easily from a chair? The chiropractor will also often wish to do a hands-on check of the mobility of certain of the patient’s joints. Also, the quality of the patient’s muscles may be palpated so see if a muscle has retained its proper elasticity. Finally, it may be appropriate for the chiropractor to manually test the strength of some of the patient’s muscles. From all this information the chiropractor will then be able to try to work out the best plan of treatment for the patient.

Just as the way chiropractors assess their patients has considerably expanded, so too has the way that chiropractors manually treat their patients. Many chiropractors no longer rely on chiropractic adjustment alone.

Many chiropractors effectively offer a “combination” therapy and will use “adjunctive therapies” such as mobilisations to assist joint mobility, soft-tissue release for tight muscles and may well prescribe corrective exercise for muscles which are found to be too weak. Chiropractors are very aware that most of us lead far too sedentary lives to be properly healthy and will use hands on care as a way to restore their patients to the possibility of physically more active lives.

Today the spine is still the primary focus for the chiropractic profession and low back pain remains the number one reason why patients will seek out the services of a chiropractor. If you are based in London and looking for a chiropractor in Canary Wharf, please call the Hunter Clinic on 07855 916 602 for a musculoskeletal (including alignment) assessment and to discuss your best way forward.

Running as a Holistic Exercise

To run is to spend more time off the ground as the body is being propelled forward. The muscles are activated a little differently from any other awesome workout plans, and the faster the movement, the more muscles jump into the motion. One’s upper body joins in the action as the lower body takes most of the force – the glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves all flex and contract according to the runner’s movements.

Running Pace

In running, pacing is important. There is a difference between running for long periods at a slower pace versus running for shorter periods but at the maximum speed that one’s body can allow. The former tends towards a leaner, more malleable physique, while the latter, also called sprinting, results in firmer and more muscular bodies.

Burning Calories

In terms of calorie expenditure, running is one of the most effective workouts that can present solid results within a minimum amount of time. The faster one runs for a shorter period of time, the more body fat is burned in the process.

Sprinting, a kind of high-intensity exercise, is the best form of running, allowing a 150-pound body to burn as much as 130 calories at 7 miles per hour in a span of ten minutes. This is in contrast with simple jogging which burns 91 calories at 5 miles per hour, or a slightly faster pace of 6 miles per hour, which can expend 113 calories. To note, high-intensity exercises in general can effectively burn a more significant amount of body mass than slower, less intensive workouts.

After the workout session, high-intensity running continues to burn calories for up to 48 hours. This is because of the oxygen depletion the body experiences during the intense exercise. To restore its oxygen levels, the body continues to work hard, allowing it to tap into the body’s energy reserves and stored fat.

Benefits of Running

The benefits of running encompass all forms of fitness. It builds muscle strength and endurance, and improves speed and reflexes. It is overall an excellent cardiovascular activity, fortifying the heart muscles and improving one’s basal metabolic rate.

Running is also a mental activity. Many creative individuals prefer to run as a form of reset button. The silence to be had in running blows away the fog of one’s preoccupations, because it clears the mind and refreshes the spirit. According to Haruki Murakami, one of the most beloved authors in contemporary times, running helps to live a life with clear goals, to be fully alive.

Why you should use an Elliptical machine in your training program

When you’re in the gym it can be daunting with the amount of machinery to choose from. Out of all the machines you can use, one thing is for sure, you should use the Elliptical machine.

Elliptical machine, or better known as a cross trainer, simulates running, walking and stair climbing without causing the user a large amount of pressure to joints, thus decreasing chances of injury.

Introduced in the 90’s, the elliptical machine has become one of the most used machines in the gym today. Working on upper and lower body it can burn around the same amount of calories that you would burn off on a treadmill.

The great thing about Elliptical machines is that although you don’t feel like you’re doing that much, the machine really works hard on your core mussels and improving your fitness.

Why not try it next time you’re in the gym, or order one for your next home gym upgrade.

(Thanks to David from Best home elliptical for guest posting on Natural Nutrition)